“Your’e terrible Muriel!”

Aah… this line from the 1994 film, Muriel’s Wedding… it seems to sum up all Muriel gets up to in this heart-warming story. It’s been described as a glorious, joyful, wacky, uplifting and truly iconic comedy that just gets better with age! If you haven’t seen it for a while, do yourself a favour and take a walk down memory aisle to enjoy a good laugh.

The dress that Muriel eventually wears at her wedding – have you ever thought about where this is stored? What about all the other props from the film? It would be great if one could actually go and see these items, wouldn’t it?

Well, Muriel’s wedding dress is safely stored in a collection at the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. The dress, along with everything else in this collection, whether it be clothing or other props, audio, and video, are all recorded and managed by TMD’s Mediaflex-UMS content management system. If an item can have a barcode on it, it can be ingested and tracked in Mediaflex so that the location of all these precious items is known at any time, and they can be brought out and put on display for anyone to go and enjoy.

Take a look at how the NFSA uses Mediaflex to manage their precious collections. Read the Case Study here.

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