Soho, London, July 2019

With the volume of content and the necessity for secure cost-effective storage and archive management facilities ever-increasing, being smart with media management solutions and ensuring assets are protected, accessible and discoverable is key to improving workflow efficiencies and organisational productivity. This is true for all types of organisations that create or use media content throughout their operations, from the largest multi-national to the bouquet VFX house.

To provide a solution to this we presented COEUS (pronounced Kee-yos) intelligent media archiving cloud at the ERA collaborative workflows event, in London at the end of June. This event provided the opportunity for TMD and ERA to present the COEUS platform, network with creative industry peers as well hearing from Tiger Technology on their products and Jellyfish about their business use cases.

ERA, the leading independent IT workflow solutions provider and TMD, have collaborated to build this new intelligent subscription-based cloud platform. COEUS has a two-element structure. It is a software solution, as well as a managed infrastructure service combined. COEUS provides a secure cloud storage platform with flawless accessibility and content discoverability for the user. An intuitive user interface, with intelligent content queue management promotes ease of use and improves the lifecycle management of all media content. Through the cost-effective subscription plan, assets can be intelligently managed in both the short-term as well as on a long-term basis to improve overall productivity and future asset efficiency for broadcast, post production facilities, VFX houses and marketing agencies.

COEUS features include;

  • Fast upload and download of large media files
  • Frame accurate media browsing
  • Intuitive UI for easy access to stored media content
  • Advance search capability
  • Partial restore capabilities for media content (subject to media format)
  • Configuration options for content groups and categories
  • Intelligent content queue management with prioritisation of archive and restore tasks
  • Integrity verification and checksums
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all archives and restores, with support for a high level of management reporting on archived content usage

Hence, COEUS benefits the user by:

  • Providing a cost-effective secure storage space for media content
  • Fully accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Ability to view the content before downloading
  • Available via cost effective subscription price plans

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