Mediaflex-UMS for Media and Entertainment

Acquire, Manage and Deliver across the content supply chain

Tackling the challenge of effectively acquiring, managing, and delivering large amounts of diverse, rich content is essential to broadcasters, production houses, post production studios, and media organisations who want their processes to constantly improve and their businesses to thrive.


Mediaflex-UMS Orchestration - The Digital Supply Chain to Acquire Manage Deliver

“Mediaflex-UMS Cloud QC workflow allows us to perform Quality Control on our content whilst it is still in the Cloud. This removes the need to download to on-premise storage or for the installation of specialised hardware and software. In just a few weeks we have QC’ed over 2000 videos and are happy with the increased efficiency we are experiencing throughout our content supply chain.”

Supervisor - Media Technology

Warner Bros. Discovery

How does Mediaflex-UMS help?

Getting your content

Content is valuable and comes in many forms. You need your content to be stored reliably, safely and be easily accessible. It may be audio, video, or film, and can arrive from sources as diverse as live internet streams to traditional tape. All of which will have their own specific formatting requirements to be understood.

With a flexible capture architecture, Mediaflex-UMS intelligently stores your content and makes it accessible on your terms.

Managing your content

It’s crucial that your content is stored and catalogued so that you can find it with ease and keep track of it over time. Making content manageable requires a range of facets that are often complex and will include requirements that can be distinct to your business. With a highly extensible data model, Mediaflex’s metaserver helps you keep track of your content throughout its lifecycle.

Teams and locations

The media and entertainment business is global and similarly your clients and locations may be too. Nethertheless, you are often all working and collaborating on the same content. It is essential to track and maintain control over who has access to your content and where the content is available.

The Mediaflex-UMS platform can be provisioned securely as a hybrid or full-cloud installation providing your teams and your clients with access where they need it.

Astro uses Mediaflex-UMS

Astro, the leading satellite broadcaster for Southeast Asia has implemented the first phase of a comprehensive media asset management, file-based workflow platform from TMD.

Mediaflex-UMS Workflow Orchestration

Media workflow orchestration

Media workflows are key to your content being quality controlled as well as, formatted for editing and versioning, such as multiple languages. Modern media and entertainment workflows will often result in numerous finalised versions that then need to be transcoded for consumption on an ever-increasing number of consumer devices. Your workflow will be specific to your business and the requirements of your project, therefore you need a system that can easily provide reliable, and repeatable workflows.

With its UI-based workflow orchestration engine, Mediaflex-UMS is configurable to provide automated workflow patterns.

Delivering your content across platforms

Confidently publishing your content means being on top of delivering the correct renditions to all of the relevant distribution platforms, along with the accumulated metadata and ancillary files relevant to each platform. Mediaflex-UMS delivers your content in a timely, accurate and efficient manner and has a delivery engine that can grow with future media delivery requirements.

Measure, analyse, improve your business

Throughout your acquisition, management, and delivery workflows, Mediaflex-UMS accumulates metrics regarding the content, processes and resources that enables you to analyse how the operation is performing, make decisions both in real time for resource elasticity, and for future planning of your business for scale out to maximise potential scalability.


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