Mediaflex-UMS for Government Legislatures

Secure, permanent, instant-access to live and archive recordings for the government and legislative sector.

Mediaflex-UMS workflow and media asset management software provides live video and audio capture, making content archive easily accessible to all.

It is a cornerstone of democracy that the debates and decisions of government and the nation’s lawmakers should be visible to that nation’s citizens.

TMD has implemented its media asset management and workflow solution, using its Mediaflex-UMS (Unified Media Services) platform at one of the most important legislatures in the world.

The Recording Studio within the US Government Legislature uses Mediaflex-UMS

The two central requirements for a legislative archival system are immediate access, and secure, permanent storage. 

How does Mediaflex-UMS work for Government Legislatures?

Deliver fast, highly reliable, and user-friendly capture and access

Stored securely and permanently as historical record, hundreds of users may search, browse, clip and raise orders, to deliver content to a wide range of distribution channels, all via a simple intuitive web interface that requires little to no training.

Redundancy and resilience

Mediaflex-UMS captures both the recording as well as the associated metadata, in a highly resilient manner. Configuration allows the creation of two or more truly independent copies of each recording, and redundancy ensures that the control platform has no single point of failure.

Flexibility to record in the real world

When session schedules exist, they can easily be managed to setup automated, room-based, capture recordings. Of course, not everything runs like clockwork, therefore there is also the option to trigger instant recordings on-demand.

Automatic file management

Debates can be lengthy and can result in large, impractical file sizes if not processed automatically. Mediaflex-UMS’s workflow and meta engine allows for files to be automatically processed into manageable sizes and correctly catalogued with metadata that tracks precisely their origin details.

Automated transcription and metadata powered search

Real-time verbatim transcriptions are commonly produced during government and legislative sessions. Mediaflex-UMS automatically processes transcriptions as closed captions against the associated video as it is recorded. The combined video, audio, and transcript, produce the official record of the session.

Closed caption information from the recorded video is used to create time-stamped descriptive metadata which is readable and importantly, searchable by the system users. Search for content based on the speaker, the time, the session, and keywords from session transcripts.

Structured content and search

Metadata taxonomies may be devised in advance and used to structure the results of metadata processing, ensuring that searches are normalised and therefore remain valid and comprehensive.

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