Mediaflex-UMS for Audiovisual Archives

A proven, full-featured asset management system tuned to the needs of audiovisual archives

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Preserve, manage and discover valuable archived resources

Archives and collections are a vital part of the world’s educational, historical and cultural resources. Digitisation of these collections is key to the preservation, management, and discoverability of these valuable resources.

National, cultural, mixed media television and film archives, as well as galleries, libraries and museums are using Mediaflex-UMS as a scalable solution. It can easily expand to meet the needs of growing collections, in addition to facilitating the process of adding supplementary parallel processing, users and articles over time.

We have extensive experience in equipping audiovisual archives with our archive management software Mediaflex-UMS, up to the very largest collections with assets counted in the millions.


Streamlining processes for your business

There are great advantages to be had in efficiency and cost saving for your business by streamlining analogue and digital archive management into a single system. A system that empowers you to easily identify what items you hold, what format they are in and how accessible they are.


National Film and Sound Archive of Australia uses Mediaflex-UMS

How does Mediaflex-UMS for audiovisual work?

Mediaflex-UMS Audiovisual Collection Management

Audiovisual Collection Management

Every audiovisual collection is unique and will have its own set of requirements to ensure effective collection management. Our Mediaflex-UMS platform is designed to be configured to the needs of every individual installation, whilst providing the core archive management capabilities of digitisation, acquisition management, accessioning, cataloguing, rights management, loans, and more.


Mediaflex-UMS Manage Diverse Collections

Team Access and Management

Multiple users can manage and access your archive simultaneously and from the locations you need to support. That includes support for your collection to be opened to the public for searching and browsing.



Mediaflex-UMS digitise diverse media

Digitise Diverse Collection Types

Digitisation and management of multiple media. This can include any or all of film, television, radio and recorded sound formats as well as related material such as photographs, scripts, lobby cards, costumes and memorabilia. 

Manage your physical collection

Audiovisual archives often have the need to track and uniquely identify physical objects in parallel with digital renditions. With Mediaflex-UMS you can manage your collection’s physical objects and space. For example, archivists are using our software to maintain inventory, the state of physical assets and their location in order to prioritise restoration and preservation work.

Curatorial Management

Mediaflex’s functionality has been enhanced so that a job can consist of multiple tasks simultaneously.

Mediaflex-UMS workflow automation

Workflow Automation

From acquisition through to storage and access management, Mediaflex’s workflow automation features allow you to design your own workflow processes. Creating repeatable, reliable, and time-saving task automation that can cover the simple, through to the complex.

Mediaflex-UMS Analytics Dashboard

Metadata and Reporting

With a highly extensible data model, Mediaflex’s metaserver transforms archive curation by enabling you to build a picture of your collection through layers of metadata.

The data on your archive drives Mediaflex’s reporting, which you have complete control over what is reported on and when. As a management information tool, you can achieve a holistic view of your full archive, whether it is physical or digital.

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