A cost effective, cloud-native range of media applications for workgroups or organisational teams within the broadcast, media, government, archive, education, and production industries.

Cloud native  |  Cost effective  |  Flexible  |  Scalable

Each application in the range can be used as a stand-alone solution, combined for a simple, cost-effective approach to media management or configured as part of a Mediaflex®-UMS (Unified Media Services) platform for an enterprise-class management solution. 

Paragon+ for content management

Broadcasters, content owners and production companies are faced with the challenge of protecting their video, audio and physical assets long term. Paragon+ is TMD’s fast to install, easy-to-use content management solution with intelligent media-aware workflows.  Paragon Plus is powered by TMD’s fully virtualized Mediaflex®-UMS MAM platform, which delivers all the benefits of a service-oriented architecture, providing a simple and scalable software-defined workflow orchestration approach to content management. With Mediaflex-UMS virtualization, the system can run and scale flexibly as an on-premise, hybrid, or in-the-cloud solution. Paragon+ Product Sheet   Request more information

Paragon; Paragon+, content management; DAM, archive, workflow

OnPoint for post production

Today’s post houses and creative departments have to manage large numbers of digital assets for multiple clients. Providing ready access from multiple artists while ensuring absolute security and offering long-term archiving is a challenge. OnPoint is TMD’s PAM (production asset management) solution.  From wish and make list management through the editing process, it integrates seamlessly with third party systems such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC, and Avid Interplay.  It includes a review and approvals process before being sent to both the archive and/or playout operations. Designed for today’s post production needs, the system is cloud native, quick to install, integrates with many systems, and is intuitive to operate. OnPoint Product Sheet  Request more information

Chameleon for DAM

TMD’s asset management systems are the systems of choice when you need the most powerful capabilities and deep metadata schema. But that does not mean it has to be complicated to operate. TMD's Chameleon for DAM solution, allows staff throughout an organisation to manage their media, search for content and raise work orders to fulfil all their media needs. It's intuitive to use and the functionality is tailored to each user's role-related needs, so each operator sees only what they need to. Chameleon Product Sheet  Request more information

Chameleon for DAM

Paragon for archiving

Award-winning Paragon is TMD’s easy-to-use archiving solution that enables broadcasters, content owners, and production companies to protect their video, audio, and physical assets long term. Users can choose from any combination of LTO tapes, including the latest LTO-7 format, cloud storage, and now Disk Archive ALTO MAID-III storage. The Paragon solution is scalable from small office storage systems to large multiplatform enterprise systems and includes browse-resolution proxy generation, clip selection and partial restore.  Powered by TMD’s globally renowned Mediaflex-UMS (Unified Media Services)  technology, it creates a digital content store that is device independent. Paragon Product Sheet  Request more information

Aperture for ingest

Aperture is a cost-effective solution for the capture, digitisation and tracking of content in a wide range of formats, for management purposes.  It enables the creation of new media items by either importing file-based media or digitising SDI base band signals to create a file from tapes and live feeds.  With a simple and intuitive user interface, ingest errors are reduced, productivity is increased and comprehensive metadata is captured from the outset.  High and low resolution content can be previewed during the ingest process. Aperture Product Sheet  Request more information

Aperture for ingest

Unified Media Services (UMS)

Unified Media Services (UMS) architecture is our simple approach to a service-oriented architecture to underpin TMD’s media solutions. Based on open standards, UMS simplifies the architecture, and reduces the need for bespoke APIs, allowing clients the freedom to integrate seamlessly with multiple third-party vendors.  Additional media services can be added quickly and easily as business requirements develop, giving you a flexible, cost effective and scalable system. Request more information