• TMD Partners With Hitachi For Next Generation Object Storage Data Management

    There is a growing trend in the industry toward organisations wanting to dramatically improve their operational performance by enabling flexible, cost-effective, scalable storage and data management solutions. Increasingly, they’re exploring the benefits of object storage.

    Unlike a file system which manages data as a file hierarchy, object storage manages data as an object with its associated metadata saved with it as one object. If the object is moved or restored, both the file and its metadata always stay together and it can be accessed directly through APIs.

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  • What are the benefits of a service oriented architecture?

    With industry buzzwords like “software-defined” and “IP” and “COTS” flung around at present, “service-oriented architectures” seem like a throwback to a simpler era. In truth, these are all parts of the same process, and the service-oriented architecture is actually the ultimate goal.

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  • Practical strategies for the storage of media content

    One of the key challenges in the transition from traditional broadcast architectures to new media is the need to develop practical strategies for the storage of content. The video and audio formats we have relied upon for decades are now obsolete: no new VTRs are being made, and the supply of parts to keep existing hardware running is dwindling.

    The Importance of File-Based Storage

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  • Simplify media asset management with automated workflows

    Today’s media organisations must deliver more content to more platforms, generally under considerable time and cost pressures. A significant part of the solution, lies in software-defined technology platforms, which allow for largely automated processing and management of content within the media asset management system.

    To achieve this desired goal, the elements of the system must talk to each other. While standards are emerging, in general this must be obtained through the development of APIs allowing the controlling layer to talk to other parts of the technology.

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  • TMD's Workflow Environment

    Today, the need for a highly efficient file-based business process management (BPM) solution to acquire, manage and deliver content is essential. Mediaflex® provides the most powerful, media-aware software platform available today.

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