Project Janus Cloud Storage and Digitisation of Australian Archives

Project Janus

Sustainable Preservation of Australia’s Cultural Heritage 

Digitisation, secure cloud storage and protection of precious and valuable archive collections.

Saving Australia’s National Archives

Australia’s memories have been captured on film over the last 130 years. A rich history of national and cultural events, sporting moments, art, photographs, film and news is stored in Australia’s National cultural institutions, National and State libraries and public TV and radio broadcasters.

Project Janus will assist in the digitisation, protection and storage of these precious National memories.

Janus Cloud services are available in Australia via the DTA (Digitisation Transformation Agency). 

Janus Cloud Acquisition

Allows agencies to use Janus Cloud to move digitised files from the companies that undertake the digitisation work for the agency, to the agency’s collection. 

Janus Cloud Preservation

Dell ESC Storage platform that allows any government agency or enterprise to place media files into Janus Cloud for long-term preservation.

Who can benefit from Janus Cloud?

Government agencies that have large audiovisual media files, GLAMS, galleries, libraries, archives and museums, broadcasters, and enterprises in the medical imaging, insurance and advertising sectors.

The 2025 Deadline.

Magnetic tape has proven to be a robust storage medium, but it’s shelf-life is coming to an end.

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Australia’s collective audiovisual history is at risk.

One of Australia’s top national archives have determined that, by 2025, tens of thousands of hours of magnetic tape holding precious national history and memories, will be obsolete, lost forever if they are not digitised by the deadline.

On current timelines, it is estimated that by 2025 only about 30% of the nation’s history will be digitised, putting 70% of valuable memories at risk of being lost to future generations.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

Mediaflex-UMS digitise diverse media

Project Janus Partnership

Digitisation | Management | Cloud Storage | Protection | Secure Access

Project Janus is a consortium of leading internationally renowned and respected companies. With our combined expertise we will supply an unrivalled system of management, storage, protection and secure access for Australia’s visual and audio history.

TMD TransMedia Dynamics Media Asset Management

Orchestration and Workflow Management

TMD’s Mediaflex-UMS® Media Asset Management platform provides orchestration and automated workflows to acquire, manage and deliver digitised metadata rich content, allowing curators and archivists easy discoverability and access to digital collection assets – on premise or in the cloud.

Project Janus Cloud Storage and Digitisation of Australian Archives

Private Archival Cloud Storage

Provider of secure cloud storage based in Canberra, and world class system integration, ensuring a cost-effective solution for archival content preservation. Secured by design and administered using best practice as determined by Dell Technologies.

Project Janus Cloud Storage and Digitisation of Australian Archives

Dell/EMC Infrastructure

The leading provider of compute and storage solutions globally, leveraging open standards to ensure interoperability and global best practices of the entire solution stack comprising: Compute, Object Storage – content-addressable storage, NAS – scalable performance file storage, Networking, and Converged and Hyper-converged solutions.

Project Janus Cloud Storage and Digitisation of Australian Archives

Archival Cloud Facility

Data Centre Facilitator providing Intra-government Communications Network (ICON) – multiple 10Gb Layer 2 links between Canberra and Sydney, and Canberra and Melbourne, and internationally, facilitating transport of digitised files interstate, and updating the Collections in real-time.

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Ensuring Australia’s national memories are secure, preserved and protected for generations to come.

Mediaflex-UMS Media Asset Management

Mediaflex-UMS is a customisable Media Asset Management platform that delivers Unified Media Services (UMS) across your content supply chain, enabling you to acquire, manage and deliver content.

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