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Mediaflex Video Browser for Legislatures

An intuitive web-based UI, enabling viewing of live sessions

For live sessions and recordings in legislature chambers, meeting rooms, studios and external locations.

The Mediaflex Video Browser is an intuitive web-based UI, enabling the viewing of all Parliamentary sessions in legislature chambers and meeting rooms, as well as recordings from studios and external locations. Where recordings are from the chambers, during and after the sessions, senators and senate aides and any authorised personnel can view the recordings and access any section of the clips in near real-time as they are being recorded. Selected clips can be added to a workflow, which makes the clip recordings available to senators and staff for use in their parliamentary duties.

The Video Browser is configurable for access rights. It can be set to only be accessed via a login screen from an authorised network, so it is only available to approved users, or set to have open access if desired.

Recorded content is searchable by configurable criteria, including date, what is currently being recorded, by location, and by keyword (the content of each recorded session). Currently live sessions have a flashing ‘Recording’ notification to advise users of the system. All sessions are recorded to a preservation format and a browse format, with the browse format being configurable including live frame-accurate HLS with closed captions. A thumbnail of the recording and the close captions can also be viewed. The Video Browser reads the captions with corresponding timecodes from the database and/or a file. It supports captions in any language, and in any number of languages.

A recording may be many hours long. Video Browser enables the user to select a single clip from the recording, several short clips as well as single or multiple clips from multiple recordings. The user is the able to see the selected clips in a timeline, which can then be added to a workflow. The Mediaflex system shows a list of available pre-configured workflows, which could include:

  • Self-Service SD – a simple (automated) edit of the clip selections in SD
  • Self-Service HD – a simple (automated) edit of the clip selections in HD
  • Full-Service SD – a complex edit of the clip selections in SD as a manual task in an editing suite
  • Full-Service HD – a complex edit of the clip selections in HD as a manual task in an editing suite

The Video Browser UI is configurable for each media organisation, and can be skinned with its own branding, logos and images.

Mediaflex Video Browser home screen

Mediaflex Video Browser Home/Search screen

Mediaflex Video Browser clip maker

Mediaflex Video Browser Clip Maker screen

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