Transform how your organisation manages physical and digital media

A Media Asset Management platform that delivers Unified Media Services (UMS) across your content supply chain.

Supporting your content, in whatever form it takes!

Whether you have a stream of digital files arriving 24/7, or a precious archive of physical film, with Mediaflex-UMS you can implement management processes, workflows and cataloguing systems that keep precise track of the what and where of your media assets.

Reliably ingest and store your master digitised versions in formats that will support flexible media processing and delivery. With a dependable and easily automated ingest system, Mediaflex-UMS is adaptable to the requirements of your source content, whether in physical or digital formats.

Easily manage and process rich media content

At the core of the Mediaflex-UMS platform are task-oriented features that assist and enable your teams to better collaborate and more easily manage and process media content with tools that are intuitive to use and intelligent in their operation.

Tasks and services can be customised, automated, and even process your media intelligently by adapting and responding to the content itself. Saving cost and time for your organisation’s resources and affording new content supply chain opportunities.

Deliver content and metadata to multiple platforms

Mediaflex-UMS provides a powerful solution to enable media operations to deliver content and metadata to multiple platforms in a timely and efficient manner. Integrating with many third-party technologies and business systems, content can reliably be delivered to both the traditional linear TV platforms as well as the plethora of on-demand, VOD, OTT and other digital platforms.

Transform your Media Asset Management Delivery

Our customisable cloud-native platform provides first-class features that enable teams to easily and effectively manage their media and digital assets, orchestrate workflows, enrich with metadata, provision complex processes, and integrate with a diverse range of distribution systems.

Mediaflex-UMS Workflow Designer has a simple to use, flexible interface, enabling you to design content processing workflows that include automated tasks, from acquisition to point of delivery.

Mediaflex-UMS Workflow Designer

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Mediaflex-UMS Workstation Client


Workstation Client

iMediaflex Browser Service


Browser Service

MetaServer security is a key element of Mediaflex-UMS in the Oracle database environment.

Mediaflex-UMS MetaServer Security

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How it works

End-to-end Media Asset Management

Mediaflex-UMS is designed to scale from small workgroup solutions to fully featured enterprise solutions, completely integrated into an organisation’s business systems environment.

A truly flexible architecture

With a flexible, extensible architecture, Mediaflex-UMS’s capabilities can be configured to span the flow of content through your organisation. From media acquisition and management, right through to the point of delivery.

Discover your content with an integrated, highly extensible metaserver

Great metadata is key to making your content more discoverable, easier to process, and rich in efficiency-driving automation opportunities. That’s why Mediaflex-UMS makes available a highly extensible and rich metadata service across every point of your content supply chain.

Workflow Orchestration

Orchestrate precisely the content workflows you require with a simple-to-use graphical orchestration interface.


Get the most from your organisation’s resources and simplify their management. With Mediaflex-UMS’s service-based architecture, tailored service configurations can deliver seamless integration with your existing technologies and business systems.

Integration and Metadata

Planning, scheduling, traffic and other line of business and technology systems as well as cloud and object based environments.

“Mediaflex-UMS is a huge part of our Discovery Europe Headquarters. It’s the heart of all the media preparation for all our Europe based distribution. The implementation of iMediaflex has been seamless and the user interface is easy to use. Its modern, fast, responsive and can be used in any web browser with no installations necessary.”

Olly Henshell

Supervisor - Media Technology, Discovery Networks Europe

RTE FAST mediaflex-UMS TMD

See how RTE uses Mediaflex-UMS

The fundamental business case for moving to a modern, file-based architecture is common to all broadcasters.


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