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What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is a significant element of how Mediaflex-UMS was designed to be used. With its graphical UI-based workflow orchestration composer, Mediaflex-UMS provides businesses with the most efficient and accurate way of of managing all aspects of the content supply chain, including MAM and DAM, in one place. Mediaflex-UMS is configurable to provide automated workflow patterns as well as human interaction workflows. This means that scalability opportunities are endless as the orchestration engine can manage the decision-making tasks using dynamic metadata.

A key benefit of this is that business efficiency is improved as these tasks are processed at a greater speed alongside tasks being processed with human interaction, which significantly increases the volume of output the business can produce.

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Our asset management software is helping broadcasters, production houses, media organisations, galleries, museums, archives and governments to streamline and transform their end-to-end media acquisition, management and delivery workflows.

Content Management Hyperautomation


Transform how your organisation manages physical and digital media. Mediaflex-UMS is a customisable Media Asset Management platform that delivers Unified Media Services (UMS) across your content supply chain, enabling you to acquire, manage and deliver content.

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