Proximus Media House based in Belgium, successfully launched Mediaflex, TransMedia Dynamics’ Media Asset Management system.

London, UK, September 7th 2023 – TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) — a Lumine Group company — today announced that their Media Asset Management system, Mediaflex, is operational in Proximus Media House systems.

Mediaflex simplifies how organizations manage digital and physical media assets. TMD has developed and delivered products, solutions and associated services to the global media, broadcast, collections management, government, and archive industries for over 20 years.

PMH is the Media powerhouse, delivering cutting-edge media products to its customers in entire Belgium. PMH delivers as the only platform all its content products in Dutch and French. Running multiple Playout channels, VOD and servicing a variety of customers in the broadcast market, PMH is constantly improving its workflows and customer experience.

The project originated from a competitive tender process won by TMD in 2022. The MAM replacement project started in the second half of 2022, with Mediaflex going live at the end of July 2023. This project allowed PMH to implement a new and more efficient Media Asset Manager, and provide a more powerful interface to the operators, and ensure a faster dispatching of the media towards the distribution channels.

Larissa Görner, CTO at Proximus Media House, said: “Mediaflex’s innovative features and capabilities have aligned extremely well with our needs and strong collaboration has been key to deliver this challenging project. This project allowed us to implement a new and more efficient Media Asset Manager, provide a more flexible interface to the operators, and ensure a faster dispatching of the media towards the distribution channels. There are still big steps to take to achieve like the archive migration from the old MAM and implement the integrations with editing applications. We believe that TMD is a very good partner to help us achieve our goals of providing our customers with the best possible media experience.”

Gary Knee, CEO at TMD, said: “We are excited to provide PMH with our Mediaflex solution enabling them to quicky integrate into their existing ecosystem using our “no code” APIs and workflow engine. At TMD we have a strong commitment to innovation. Mediaflex enables PmH to fulfil their vision of an efficient and adaptable solution.”

About Proximus Media House (PmH)

Proximus Group is a telecommunication & ICT company operating in the Belgian and international markets, providing services to residential, enterprise and public customers. We are the leading provider of telephony, internet, television, and network-based ICT services in Belgium through our Proximus and Scarlet brands.

Proximus media House SA (PmH) is the Proximus group subsidiary specialized in the development, production and distribution of audiovisual and multimedia products and services.

About TMD

TMD, a Lumine company, is a global provider of content supply chain software to some of the world’s most visionary and innovative media & entertainment, government, and archive organisations. TMD’s client base spans North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and includes major brands and institutions, including Astro (Measat Broadcast Networks) Malaysia, Discovery Inc., and many other global media companies.

TMD is headquartered near London, UK, with offices in the USA, Malaysia, and Australia. TMD is focused on designing and delivering media management solutions and services to the global media, broadcast, government, and archive sectors. TMD provides solutions to acquire, manage and deliver both physical and digital content. Learn more at and via LinkedIn.

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