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Weigel selects TMD media asset management for workflows and archiving

Paragon+ software to manage content management and to bridge between traffic and storage

Aylesbury, UK – January 24, 2018 TMD, the leading provider of asset and workflow management systems for digital and physical assets, has won the contract to provide an innovative US media company, Weigel Broadcasting Co., with a new digital asset and workflow management system for improved operational efficiencies and business process management.

Based in Chicago, Weigel Broadcasting Co. operates multiple stations in several television markets as well as popular networks MeTV, Heroes and Icons, Movies, and Decades that are distributed to more than 300 US television stations.

Weigel has turned to TMD to provide a new central asset and workflow management system, installing the Paragon+ application for content management. It is designed for intelligent, media-aware workflows and runs on the Mediaflex-UMS platform. The service-oriented architecture readily supports interfaces to multiple external systems, delivering powerful, single point of contact workflow orchestration.

At Weigel, Mediaflex-UMS will interface with two existing program scheduling systems, playout automation, and provide rules-based management of multiple tiers of storage. The software will track new assets as they arrive, moving them to the appropriate level of storage (live servers, nearline and archive) and dynamically monitoring status such as quality control. TMD’s Analytics dashboard will provide comprehensive KPI metrics for resource and business planning.

“Staff will be able to see the complete catalogue and the status of every item through a single user interface” said Kyle Walker, Vice President of Technology at Weigel. “Data will be consistent throughout the business for better searching and content utilisation, ensuring greater operational efficiency. The agile workflow engine supports air and kill dates in the metadata, so movement through the storage levels and deletion of content for which rights are no longer held will be fully automated, eliminating the need for staff to manually delete or move material.”

“TMD and our team are working closely together to ensure that we get a modern, agile system that does what we want today and has the capabilities to scale as we continue to grow.” said Walker.

“The project at Weigel is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the ease with which we can assemble interfaces, structures and software-defined workflows,” said Paul Wilkins, Director of Solutions and Marketing at TMD. “Our goal in developing Mediaflex-UMS is to build an agile, user-configurable platform for asset and workflow management, designed to provide rich functionality that scales from small work group solutions, for major media companies like Weigel and global media operations offering both on-premise and cloud solutions.”

About TMD

TMD is a leading provider of software products focused on delivering media and content management solutions to the global media, broadcast and archive sectors. The Mediaflex-Unified Media Services (UMS) platform provides a cloud-native, service-orientated architecture delivering media-aware, software-defined workflows supporting a wide range of media services, both from TMD’s own media service products and those of our partners. Mediaflex-UMS supports the management of both physical media, such as film and tape, as well as digital content.

TMD’s flexible range of cost-effective packaged media service products for ingest, non-linear delivery, post production, DAM and archiving, are available individually or integrated into a Mediaflex-UMS platform for complete and scalable end-to-end workflow solutions. The browser interface has been designed to be easy to use, requiring little to no user training and can be used with all of TMD’s media services. Headquartered in Aylesbury UK, TMD’s global reach includes office locations in the USA and Australia.

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