Mediaflex Clients

Mediaflex Clients provide an intuitive user experience targeted at providing just the information needed to carry out user specific tasks. It supports a user base that extends from the content preparation environment out into the wider enterprise.


Mediaflex clients windows interface

There are two types of clients available for the Mediaflex system:

Mediaflex Workstation Clients:

These are Windows based application clients that tend to be used in the content preparation areas such as Ingest as well as for the 'power' users. These clients are supported on the Windows OS. (XP, Vista and 7). They are also available for Apple systems running virtual machines, such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion.

i-mediaflex Clients:

These are web browser based application clients that tend to be used in the wider business environment for users to search and browse for content as well as for requesting content and raising workflows. These clients are supported on most web browsers, such as IE and Safari, where Silverlight 4 and above is installed.

i-mediaflex is browser based, businessman working on his tablet

In today’s media centric organisation the need has never been greater for efficiencies to be realised across every facet of media creation, production, distribution and archiving. Organisational business units are becoming more dispersed, along with an ever increasing mobile workforce choosing to access business systems and media content from many different locations. This paradigm change brings with it a number of challenges for media centric organisations and departments. Security of content, multiple computing platforms and a reliable and friendly user experience are just some of these challenges that have to be addressed.

i-mediaflex provides a web enabled solution for businesses to provide comprehensive asset and business process management for both digital and analogue based content across all areas of an organisation, irrespective of location. It provides security through a web browser environment that empowers users to store, search, browse, retrieve, archive and catalogue media assets. With integration to the core Mediaflex Workflow engine it enables users to trigger processes on media content such as ingesting, transcoding, editing, delivery archiving and publishing. Underpinning the i-mediaflex environment is the core Mediaflex MetaServer that provides one of the most comprehensive media aware data models available in any system today. With a foundation built on the complex needs of time based media the Mediaflex MetaServer enables users to define an almost infinite number of additional data fields and schema to ensure it meets the demands of their unique business processes, including cataloguing down to frame level.

i-mediaflex delivers a true rich media experience for users. The ability to browse content in multiple formats including H.264, Windows Media, and Smooth Streaming makes it the choice for TMD customers around the world. Coupled with extensive search capabilities including advanced Boolean and Facet searching as well as comprehensive and configurable management reporting i-mediaflex provides a true media business solution.

Features include: 

  • Web browser based UI
  • Configurable data field views
  • Simple and advanced search options
  • Boolean searching along with saving and recall of search criteria
  • Facet searching
  • Browsing of video and audio content
  • Cataloguing of content to frame level
  • Creating business processes and work orders for media content
  • Management of both physical and digital assets
  • Management and browsing of graphics and still images

Benefits include: 

  • Provides all authorised users with access to media content and metadata across the entire media lifecycle
  • Improves efficiency across all business processes and divisions
  • Enables faster and simpler cataloguing and searching
  • Easily deployed on industry standard web browsers

The Mediaflex architecture provides a highly flexible and scalable platform to meet the demands of the unique nature of your business. The system consists of a core platform with the ability to add additional applications that extends its functionality as required.  Mediaflex-UMS scales from small workgroup solutions to fully featured enterprise solutions, completely integrated into an organisation’s business systems environment.

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