Mediaflex Resources

Mediaflex Resources provides the SOA (Service Orientated Architecture) integration layer along with the configuration and management of the resources, along with the Advance Message Queueing protocol (AMQP) compliant message bus, that are used in, and use, the system.

Mediaflex resources control room

It consists of the Service Managers and Service Adaptors used to integrate third party systems and technologies as well as the processing engine for automated tasks.

The ability to integrate a number of ‘best of breed’ technologies for the creation, management, re-purposing, publishing and archiving of rich media content is key to a growing organisation. To achieve these goals requires a solution that provides a flexible management and services infrastructure designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s media rich operations.

Mediaflex control screen

Features include: 

  • Configuration of multiple area, device and storage resources
  • Comprehensive user configuration including roles and responsibilities
  • Central configuration of resources and system management environment
  • Supports multiple Service Managers each with multiple Service Adapters
  • Load Balancing of automated tasks, such as transcodes, archives and digital content movements across multiple Service Managers and Service Adaptors
  • Flexible configuration and addition of Service Adapters whilst system is in operation

Benefits include: 

  • Highly scalable and resilient architecture
  • Support for standard IT architecture
  • Provides a comprehensive integration platform for multiple technologies
  • Comprehensive management environment

The Mediaflex architecture provides a highly flexible and scalable platform to meet the demands of the unique nature of your business. The system consists of a core platform with the ability to add additional applications that extends its functionality as required.  Mediaflex-UMS scales from small workgroup solutions to fully featured enterprise solutions, completely integrated into an organisation’s business systems environment.

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