Mediaflex Metaserver

At the heart of every Mediaflex-UMS system is MetaServer, which provides the core database environment and a highly efficient, extensible data model based on a scalable, resilient Oracle database platform. MetaServer’s data model has been developed from TMD's many years of practical media operations experience. It provides a comprehensive framework for industry standard metadata and the ability to extend the data model to meet your business requirements.

A data model built on years of practical experience

MetaServer is part Conductor, the core platform components based on an AMQP (Advanced Message Queing Protocol) compliant messaging bus, to which a wide range of applications can be added. Metaserver provides the core database environment and highly efficient, extensivle data model based on a scalable, resilient Oracle database platform.  

MetaServer understands born digital, digital reformatted and physical media in all forms. Media items, (the lowest trackable element within Metaserver), can include high-resolution files (UHD, HD and SD), proxy files, subtitle files, audio files, access files, graphics files, videotapes, film and office documents, including pdfs indeed any machine-readable file or trackable (barcoded) physical item.

A flexible relationship model

Mediaflex-UMS MetaServer includes a flexible relationship model, including Titles, Versions and associated Media Items, that can be configured to suit the individual needs of each organisation. Media Items can include video tapes, high resolution files, proxy files, subtitle files, audio files, graphics files and office documents, including pdfs. Titles can be defined as Series and Seasons, with each Season comprising multiple episodes. Views onto this data model show the hierarchy of the individual items ensuring that traceability and version control are fully catered for.

Based upon the industry standard Oracle relational database, Mediaflex-UMS MetaServer can be deployed in a flexible and scalable way dependent upon the needs of the organisation. From a single server to a highly resilient multi-server environment.

Features include:

  • Base data model defined on standard media centric organisational requirements
  • Ability for customers to extend the data model to meet their own specific needs
  • Efficient search and retrieval of metadata and content
  • Automatic indexing of attached documents to enable searching within them
  • Advanced search capabilities provided including Query by Example, Boolean functions, ‘Sounds Like’ and ‘About’ expressions as well as wild card searching.
  • Extensive use of customer definable standardised reference metadata to ensure consistent data entry and improve searching
  • User definable Thesaurus
  • Ability to save search criteria for later use both by individuals and across groups

Benefits include:

  • Provides a powerful search engine allowing users to easily find content in the system
  • Scales from a single server to multi server resilient solution to support organisations as they grow
  • Enables content owners and distributors to monetise content by being able to efficiently catalogue and retrieve it
  • Provides a highly extensible and user configurable data model to deliver on the needs of individual businesses
  • Supports a multitude of media formats and types including video, audio, tapes, films, documents, graphics and subtitles

The Mediaflex architecture provides a highly flexible and scalable platform to meet the demands of the unique nature of your business. The system consists of a core platform with the ability to add additional applications that extends its functionality as required.  Mediaflex-UMS scales from small workgroup solutions to fully featured enterprise solutions, completely integrated into an organisation’s business systems environment.

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