Paragon Plus for content management

Process, manage, and store your digital media in one simple, scalable solution

Paragon Plus is a workgroup solution for working with and processing media. When creative staff want the viewing copy of media content, the descriptive metadata model lets them raise a work order and gets the copy made and delivered automatically. Paragon Plus can be used for standalone workflow solutions for a specific workgroup or joined together as part of a Mediaflex–UMS (United Media Services) platform for an enterprise class media management solution.

Audio track handling

Enrichment allows you to cater to the needs of multi-lingual and multi-cultural distribution as well as the visually impaired and the hard of hearing regulatory requirements.

Features include:

  • Raise work orders or media with little to no training needed
  • Adds metadata to your archive, allowing for simple workflows around media
  • Can run on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid
  • Integrates with a wide selection of vendors such as Avid and most storage vendors
  • Runs on the Mediaflex-UMS platform allowing you to add media applications to meet additional business needs without changing your system


Benefits include: 

  • Simple and easy to deploy throughout the organisation
  • Scales from workgroup to part of an enterprise solution
  • Efficiency gains within subtitling and closed caption operations
  • Allows teams to work flexibly and collaboratively

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