OnPoint for Post Production

Create and track post production requirements through workflows

OnPoint is TMD’s PAM (production asset management) solution. It is a workflow management solution designed specifically for creative workgroups and operational teams. OnPoint provides functionality to create and manage
the making of long and short form media items, often referred to as productions. From wish and make list management through the editing process, it integrates seamlessly with third parties systems such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Adobe® Premiere® Pro.

Features incluse: 

  • Creation of Post Production workflows and make lists
  • Ability to assign Post Production tasks to individual Producers and Editors
  • Source content can be selected during task creation or at time of proxy edit
  • Ability to create a 'rough-cut' edit using Low-res proxy browse content
  • Support for partial file restores (if supported in HSM system)
  • Integration with Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Direct integration with Avid Interplay through Web Services
  • Integration with 3rd party integration systems such as Marquis Medway


Benefits include: 

  • Improved content management in the creative process
  • Increased efficiency for Producers and Editors
  • Enhanced visibility of the creative life-cycle
  • Better utilisation of expensive edit suites

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