Guardian for collections management

Manage analogue and digital media in one powerful system

Guardian for collections management lets you manage physical and digital content in one system. Audiovisual archivists and curators can manage, preserve, and deliver digital content in the collection while ensuring that the whereabouts of analogue content and artefacts are also strictly tracked and maintained. Specific workflows and functionality are designed for the unique requirements of audiovisual archives.

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Guardian for collections management, provides for the accessioning, acquisitioning, preservation, storage and management of media collections. When implemented with the Mediaflex-UMS core system and other applications, it provides the consistent and cohesive management of all content and metadata held within the collection. The solution provides the access and publishing requirements that are becoming increasingly important.  We have proven implementations in collections of all sizes.

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National Archives of Australia (Audiovisual Asset Management & Perservation System AVAMS)

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Product Sheet - Guardian for collections management

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Features include:

  • Track and record comprehensive information on acquisitions before, during and after receipt of media items
  • Custom relationship management
  • Governance and auditing of all acquisitions and associated items throughout the entire life-cycle
  • Authority files and relationships including those for Names, Collections and Record Labels
  • Accessioning and deaccessioning workflows and management for analogue and digital items to support the organisations Collections Management Policy
  • User configurable hierarchical data model and extensions to support the considerable needs of collections for descriptive, technical, structural and administrative metadata


Benefits include: 

  • Analogue and digital content can be managed in a single system
  • Improved governance and auditing across the collections
  • Increased efficiency for management of acquisitions and accessioning
  • Consistent metadata with use of authority files and relationships
  • Flexible and extensible data model

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