Aperture for ingest

A flexible and efficient solution for digitisation, capture, and management of content

Aperture for ingest gives you visibility of the digitisation process from the word go whether it’s from tape (VTR), live feed, or automated batch ingest using a robotic tape library such as Sony’s FlexiCart. Whether you want to preserve cultural content, free up shelf space, digitise for file-based workflows, monetise content, or create and share a collection, Aperture digitises content quickly and easily.

Features include:

  • Support for a number of methods for capturing and digitising media content
    • Mediaflex Import - provides the ability to import and register digital content into the Mediaflex system
    • Mediaflex VTR - provides the ability to control a VTR, such as a Digibeta, from a workstation using the standard RS422 and the standard Sony protocol
    • Mediaflex Cart - provides the ability to carry out automated batch ingest using a robotic tape library such as the Sony Flexicart and Odetics TCS range
    • Mediaflex Lines - provides comprehensive line feed scheduling and control for the ingest of content from sources such as contribution feeds, satellite down-links and studios
  • Multiple file and wrapper formats such as MXF, Quicktime, DV, WM9, H264, JPEG2000 and many others
  • Audio only content import and ingest
  • Graphics and still image import
  • Flexible ingest of tape and film based content for different item types such as:
    • Single item/Single tape
    • Mutli item/Single tape
    • Single item/multi tape
  • Manual and automated import of file based digital content using Mediaflex Import
  • Router control support in Mediaflex VTR, Mediaflex Lines and Mediaflex Cart
  • Preview of content in both high and low res whilst ingesting

Benefits include: 

  • highly efficient and intuitive user interface in all aspects of ingest reducing errors and increasing productivity
  • efficient metadata publishing to other line of business systems to eliminate the need for multiple, error prone, data entry
  • comprehensive capture of metadata during ingest process
  • extensive audit trail of all ingest processes to create a significant level of management reporting
  • tight integration with Mediaflex Workflow to provide prioritisation of ingest tasks

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