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Mediaflex-UMS in the Cloud

Cloud-agnostic content management and workflow orchestration.

Transforming Content Management in any Cloud type or provider

TMD’s Mediaflex-UMS (Unified Media Services) platform provides efficient collaboration across multiple locations with the effective management of content and metadata through every stage of the content lifecycle. From acquisition by digitisation of physical media, live-recording of SDI and IP feeds and the ingest of born digital files to storage, enrichment, transformation, versioning, repurposing, QC and archive of all content followed by delivery to any channel, including linear and on-demand distribution platforms.

The challenge in content management lies in a geographically dispersed workforce, the huge volume of data, the potential enormous size of individual video files and the requirement to keep the content secure and protected whilst making it always accessible and available to those that need to work collaborativley.

Mediaflex in the Cloud provides the speed and security to enable management of content with accelerated workloads, and enables workflows to be executed without moving huge media files from one location to another.


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Mediaflex-UMS MetaServer Security

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The Four Pillars of Media Management in the Cloud

The Advantages of Mediaflex in the Cloud

Affordable fast communication links are readily available and able to handle huge data formats needed for very large contiguous video files. The Mediaflex Unified Media Services architecture is designed to be deployed in the Cloud or on-premise as well as a hybrid solution, ensuring it fits your evolving and individual business needs.



Mediaflex Cloud is highly secure, with high availability providing instant protection of content and metadata with zero data loss.

Cost Effective

Mediaflex Cloud enables elastic cloud capability for burst processing when demand is high, avoiding the need to invest in hardware that requires upgrading every 3-5 years, thereby shifting the cost from CAPEX to OPEX.



Mediaflex Cloud offers scalability for organisations of all sizes to collaborate across the content supply chain. You get the same user experience as an SME that you get as an Enterprise organisation.

Features and Benefits of Mediaflex Cloud

Mediaflex Oracle Cloud Benefits

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Cost-effective Media Asset Management across the Content Supply Chain

TMD is able to offer Mediaflex-UMS as a cost-effective cloud based solution for smaller organisations, or departments within a larger corporate organisation, such as post-production houses, marketing departments and contractors. You get the advantage of the same enterprise class capabilities, but on a subscription basis commensurate with your usage. This cloud solution gives you the edge when it comes to accessibility and collaboration with third parties needing to work on the same media – especially since there currently exists a greater requirement for online collaboration due to the global COVID-19 restrictions. The media content is always managed and securely stored within the Mediaflex-UMS platform.

Subscription and pay-per-use pricing structure available.

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