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Our media asset management platform is used around the world.
It’s called Mediaflex.

Mediaflex-UMS. Flexible to the core.

Mediaflex®-UMS (Unified Media Services) is a scalable, cloud-native platform supporting a range of media applications. It enables organisations to manage the entire lifecycle of their physical and digital media content in one system, in multiple locations if required. Deployment can be on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid configuration and scales in terms of number of users, throughput, or workflow complexity for either (stand-alone) workgroups or integrated for an enterprise-level solution. It incorporates comprehensive business and operational workflow management. 

The Mediaflex architecture provides a highly flexible and scalable platform to meet the demands of the unique nature of your business. The system consists of a core platform with the ability to add additional applications that extends its functionality as required.  Mediaflex-UMS scales from small workgroup solutions to fully featured enterprise solutions, completely integrated into an organisation’s business systems environment.

Applications deliver the right solution.

The flexible range of media applications offer functionality and workflows to suit your specific business requirements. Each can run as a stand-alone solution or be combined to run on the Mediaflex platform, ensuring all metadata is available throughout the processes, and integrate with many third party systems.   

  • Paragon

    Paragon for archiving is a hierarchical storage management (HSM) platform designed for the management of LTFS compliant LTO robotic libraries, MAID3 and cloud storage systems as archive repositories (Amazon-S3, Azure etc.).

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  • Chameleon

    Chameleon for DAM provides an intuitive user interface letting users effectively search, annotate, store, manage, repurpose, and archive media. It supports the raising and fulfilment of work orders. Functionality is tailored to user's role-related needs.

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  • Guardian

    Guardian for collections management provides workflows and functionality uniquely designed for audiovisual archives, such as accessioning, acquisitioning, preservation, storage and management for physical and digital media within one unified system.

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  • Paragon Plus

    Paragon Plus for content management provides software-defined workflows for media processing, storage management (online and archive), file movement, and publishing with support for a wide range of business systems integrations.

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  • Aperture

    Aperture for ingest manages the digitisation and capture of your baseband video from tape or live feed plus the subsequent workflows, assessment, and storage.

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  • Library

    Library for stock management provides for the management of physical stock including tape and film. It supports chaotic and structured shelving management.

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  • OnPoint

    OnPoint for post production is TMD’s PAM (production asset management) provides workflows for the creation and fulfillment of wish and make lists, supports the browse and selection of clips, restoring to edit, integration with craft editors, and comprehensive approval processes.

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  • Capio

    Capio for logistics management provides workflows and integrated technologies to enable media operations to deliver content and metadata to multiple platforms in a timely, efficient manner.

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  • Reporting

    Reporting provides flexible tools for on-screen and printed reports, enabling understanding of the organisation’s dynamics and metrics, in order to deliver growth.

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  • Repurposing

    Repurposing provides comprehensive workflows to deliver content quickly. Processes to create and deliver content can be automated, ensuring consistent delivery to the relevant platforms.

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  • Storage

    Storage enables you to efficiently store, move and manage digital media content within Mediaflex. It integrates with the storage hardware and file systems specific to each storage location.

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  • i-mediaflex

    i-mediaflex provides a secure, web-enabled asset and business process management solution for today’s mobile workforce.

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