The challenge in content management today lies in a geographically dispersed workforce, the huge volume of data, the potential enormous size of individual media files and the requirement to keep the content secure and protected whilst making it always accessible and available to those that need to work collaboratively.  Mediaflex on Oracle Cloud provides the solution. 

If you are a boutique post-production house, marketing department or creative contractor, or even a department within a larger corporate organisation, you’re likely to recognise some or all these challenges, especially with the global COVID-19 restrictions. 

TMD is delivering digital transformation across the content supply chain with Mediaflex-UMS on Oracle Cloud. Mediaflex Cloud can be scaled for smaller organisations, with a subscription and pay-per-use pricing structure, providing efficient collaboration across multiple locations with effective management of content and metadata through every stage of the content lifecycle. 

Mediaflex on Oracle Cloud provides the speed and security to enable management of content with accelerated workloads and enables workflows to be executed without moving huge media files from one location to another. 

Mediaflex enables delivery of more content to more devices, on more platforms. 

Benefits of Mediaflex on Oracle Cloud


– Proven to handle tens of thousands of automated tasks on a daily basis across multiple formats, very large files and multiple locations. 


– High availability with active or passive redundancy means content and metadata is instantly protected with zero data loss. 


– Burst media processing to Cloud hosted applications when demand is high in on-premise content processing. 


– The Mediaflex-UMS platform is scalable, suitable for on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments for all sizes of organisation, from workgroup to enterprise class multi-location solutions. 


– Manage your content with the performance to accelerate workloads whether on-premise or in the cloud. 


– Access content and metadata to enable internal operations and external third parties to carry out tasks from anywhere and at any time. 


– The most flexible, dynamic and configurable media supply chain solution available, providing an intuitive graphical workflow composer, enabling you to design and build your own workflow processes. 


– Acquire content in many forms, manage that content through workflow processes for QC, enrichment, transformation, repurposing and deliver the content to multiple distribution platforms. 


Mediaflex Oracle Cloud Benefits

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