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Receive digital file-based content from distributors and production companies


As the world continues its insatiable appetite for digital media content, the need for media organisations to efficiently acquire file-based content from many sources becomes ever more prevalent.

Mediaflex Import, part of the Mediaflex Ingest module, provides a flexible and efficient solution for the file-based content acquisition requirements of organisations, whether it be for broadcast playout, post production, on-demand, VOD, web and mobile content creation, content preservation or other forms of digital asset management. Mediaflex Import can also be deployed as part of an automated Content eXchange Solution using the Mediaflex Storage and Mediaflex Publish modules.

Support for multiple delivery methods and integrations to 3rd party technologies such as FileCatalyst, Signiant and Aspera give customers the choice of best-of-breed file delivery and acceleration technologies when implementing Mediaflex. All integrations are carried out using the API from the relevant vendor and managed through the Mediaflex SOA platform giving flexibility resilience and scalability across the business processes.

Automated file import is implemented in a number of ways including the use of a sidecar XML file. Metadata mining from the content essence file is supported including DPP compliant content. The Mediaflex CI (Content Intelligence) engine provides the ability to utilise the mined metadata to make intelligent automated decisions as the content is imported and then processed through the relevant workflows.

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How does Mediaflex-UMS deliver?

Manage the lifecycle of media content, from creation through to archiving with Mediaflex-UMS, a media services platform that supports a range of media applications to address the needs of today's modern media organisations.  It is designed to deliver software-defined workflows which can be used as a stand-alone point solution, combined for a highly efficient, cost effective approach to media management or configured as part of an enterprise-class management solution.  Being cloud native, it can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid configuration, offering your business agility and flexibility.