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Protect and preserve delicate content digitally

Today, the focus of audiovisual archives is shifting towards a digital future. Digitisation is being employed as a method by which works currently preserved on fragile analogue technologies such as tape can be more effectively preserved in the digital domain. Clients seek access to collections via digital delivery, consequently audiovisual archives need to either enhance existing management systems or install new systems altogether. In addition the management of both the content and metadata is becoming increasingly complex as the transition from physical analogue formats, to a plethora of digital formats, becomes a necessity to fulfil access requirements. 

Mediaflex manages analogue and digital content in a single system. Governance and auditing are managed across the collections via accessioning, deaccessioning and other curatorial workflows in support of the organisation's collections management policy.  Mediaflex includes a flexible and user configurable hierarchical data model with user configurable extensions to support the considerable needs of collections for descriptive, technical, structural and administrative metadata.

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How does Mediaflex deliver?

Manage the lifecycle of media content, from creation through to archiving with Mediaflex-UMS, a media services platform that supports a range of media applications to address the needs of today's modern media organisations.  It is designed to deliver software-defined workflows which can be used as a stand-alone point solution, combined for a highly efficient, cost effective approach to media management or configured as part of an enterprise-class management solution.  Being cloud native, it can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid configuration, offering your business agility and flexibility.