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Media organisations have never had a greater need for efficiencies across every facet of media creation, production, distribution and archiving. Dispersed business units and an increasing mobile workforce means media content must be accessed from many different locations around the world. This brings challenges such as security of content, multiple computing platforms and a reliable and friendly user experience.

Mediaflex provides comprehensive asset and business process management for both digital and analogue based content across all areas of an organisation, irrespective of location. It provides security through a web browser environment that empowers users to store, search, browse, retrieve, archive and catalogue media assets. Processes can be triggered automatically on content such as ingesting, transcoding, editing, delivery, archiving and publishing.

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How does Mediaflex-UMS deliver?

Manage the lifecycle of media content, from creation through to archiving with Mediaflex-UMS, a media services platform that supports a range of media applications to address the needs of today's modern media organisations.  It is designed to deliver software-defined workflows which can be used as a stand-alone point solution, combined for a highly efficient, cost effective approach to media management or configured as part of an enterprise-class management solution.  Being cloud native, it can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid configuration, offering your business agility and flexibility.