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Interact with a specific audience - deliver digital content for the visually impaired and hard of hearing


The ability to cater for the needs of visually impaired and the hard of hearing has become a regulatory requirement in many countries. In addition, today's media centric organisations need to deliver on-demand content to meet the needs of global distributers and growing channel outlets. 

Mediaflex provides a comprehensive set of workflow tasks for managing subtitling, closed captioning and audio description for hard of hearing and visually impaired audiences. Management and tracking of subtitle and closed caption files as well as viewing subtitle content in conjunction with proxy browse video are a key feature.  It offers enhanced search of subtitle and closed caption content and integration with subtitle systems to embed subtitle content in essence files. Efficiencies are gained within subtitling and closed caption operations and errors are reduced across all aspects of the enrichment operation.

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How does Mediaflex-UMS deliver?

Manage the lifecycle of media content, from creation through to archiving with Mediaflex-UMS, a media services platform that supports a range of media applications to address the needs of today's modern media organisations.  It is designed to deliver software-defined workflows which can be used as a stand-alone point solution, combined for a highly efficient, cost effective approach to media management or configured as part of an enterprise-class management solution.  Being cloud native, it can be deployed on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid configuration, offering your business agility and flexibility.