At TMD we recognise that our clients’ content is their crown jewel and needs to be secured and protected at every step in the content supply chain. Security technologies embedded in TMD’s Mediaflex-UMS content management platform, coupled with the inherent security in the Oracle database environment, ensures an agile, flexible and secure environment.

However, even the best content management system will provide limited usability if the content is not correctly and effectively catalogued. 

Metadata is key when it comes to discoverability and insights. Digital content as well as physical items can be catalogued and managed from within Mediaflex-UMS.

Managing Digital and Physical items

Mutiple formats of digital files, including those digitised from magnetic tape and film as well as born digital and live captured, such as video, audio, timed text, documents and graphics are catalogued and curated across the platform. Physical items such as tapes, films, CD’s, DVD’s and even costumes, props and other physical artefacts are also catalogued and managed through the platform.

Metadata Automation and AI

Mediaflex-UMS enables metadata to be captured in many ways, including from 3rd party business systems, automatically harvested and generated at any point in the content supply chain, or input manually. The platform provides businesses with a comprehensive foundation of metadata fields commonly used in the traditional broadcast and media environment as well as the constantly evolving on-demand, OTT and VOD distribution platforms. Archive and government agency operations are also catered for within the foundation metadata model, providing comprehensive curatorial functionality.

In addition to the foundation metadata schema, Mediaflex-UMS enables the addition and configuration of user specific metadata schema and data fields. Developments using AI and Machine Learning enhance the metadata generation capabilities to include speech to text, facial recognition, scene change, content placement and many more.  

The ability to utilise this captured metadata to process automated tasks, as well as carry out automated decisions, enables Mediaflex-UMS to undertake millions of tasks through every step of the content supply chain. From checking format, resolution, audio formats, time codes, content status and many many other variables, without the need for human intervention. 

As an example of this, one of TMD’s enterprise scale clients carried out over 38 million automated tasks in the first 9 months of 2020! Think about this in the context of a human having to make those decisions, in terms of time and related costs. 

Analytics and reporting

The metadata associated with the content, as well as that captured during every process, provides a comprehensive audit trail enabling real time insights as well as on demand and scheduled reporting and analytics. The real time analytics provide graphical insights into the state of the entire operation including how many tasks have been completed, success and failure of tasks, and informing on capacity and capability of resources. This level of analytics also enables automatic elastic burst to cloud processing when demand is high in on-premise systems, thereby avoiding the need to invest in hardware that requires upgrading every 3-5 years and shifting the cost from CAPEX to OPEX if required. 

Mediaflex-UMS MetaServer Security

A Key Partnership

TMD’s Executive Chairman, Tony Taylor, is interviewed by Frank Hanrahan of Oracle – an enlightening discussion covering metaserver security, the cloud, emerging technologies, and much more.