Let’s define Automation and Orchestration, as they relate to content management:

Automation: completing a single task or function without human intervention. Traditionally time-intensive, manual processes are more reliable and efficient. Automation tools such as AI and machine learning are used to automate a wide range of tasks and processes, whether on premises or in the cloud. 

Orchestration: optimisation of workflows that manage the scheduling and integration of automated and manual tasks, repeatable processes and operations in a large-scale virtual environment or network. 

Mediaflex Workflow Orchestration transforms both physical and digital media asset management. 

Mediaflex-UMS content supply chain management system delivers media aware, software-defined workflows. The platform supports the management of both physical media and digital content. Through modular functionality along with integrations from an extensive list of leading technology and solutions partners, organisations are able to manage any number of tasks across the length of the content supply chain. This includes acquisition, creation, digitisation, repurposing, preservation, enrichment, delivery, publishing and archive.

Mediaflex’s powerful workflow composer enables organisations to easily create, clone and edit their workflows at any time. The interface includes pre-sets for workflow automation, making it easy to use without a requirement for programmers. Metadata is key to efficient management of content and delivery to a multitude of devices on multiple platforms. Content intelligence built into the system enables automatic metadata mining, including speech to text, people detection, object placement, scene changes and language detection.  

Automated tasks are vital to manage high throughput of content. Some of the tasks that can be performed by Auto QC are checking embedded metadata, technical parameters, formats, transcodes and more. Delivery to a multitude of devices, each demanding a different combination of screen resolution, frame rate, codec, wrapper and delivery formats to a vast number of platforms would not be possible with automation. 

Many of the world’s most prestigious broadcasters, media organisations, archives and content providers rely on the agile, software-defined orchestrated workflows configured in Mediaflex-UMS to fulfil all their content management requirements. 

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