Project Janus

Sustainable preservation of Australia’s cultural heritage through digitisation, secure cloud storage and protection of precious and valuable archive collections.

Acquire, Manage and Deliver Content with Hyperautomation

Powering the content supply chain worldwide through end-to-end media asset management.

Transforming Media Asset Management

Content Supply Chain Management solutions for global organisations in the new media sector as well as in traditional media, broadcast and audiovisual archive sectors.

Hierarchical Archive Storage Management

A flexible, scalable archive solution making it simple to locate and access your archived content, for single users or small workgroups to large national archives.

Transforming Digital Asset Management across the Content Supply Chain

Automated workflow solutions to transform how organisations manage their digital assets.

Our media asset management (MAM) software is helping broadcasters, production houses, media organisations, galleries, museums, archives, and governments to streamline and transform their end-to-end media acquisition, management, and delivery workflows.

Digitisation and preservation of audiovisual archives.

Time is running out for analogue sound and moving images to be digitised. Large-scale transcoding of media storage on magnetic tape and film is urgently needed for these valuable and precious memories to be preserved for future generations.

Magnetic tape has proven to be a robust storage medium, but its shelf-life is coming to an end. By 2025, thousands of hours of national history and memories stored on magnetic tape will be nearing obsoletion, lost forever if they are not digitised and protected.

Every Day Counts









Between January 2020 and June 2020 we recorded how many tasks were automated from just three organisations using Mediaflex-UMS:

Organisation 1

Organisation 2

Organisation 3


#1 Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends for 2020*

*”Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020″ ~ Smarter with Gartner, October 21, 2019

Leading the way with Hyperautomation

Through a combination of technologies, hyperautomation enables workflows and processes to be designed, simplified, automated, managed and measured. The idea of hyperautomation is not to decrease the importance of human decision making but to increase the business output by increasing the amount of decisions that can be undertaken from all forms of input, including AI derived metadata, ML and analytics.

Hyperautomation is a significant element of how Mediaflex-UMS was designed to be used.



A Media Asset Management (MAM) platform that delivers Unified Media Services  across your content supply chain, enabling teams to easily and effectively manage their media and digital assets.

Paragon for Archives

Paragon for Archives

A Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) platform delivering a media-aware storage management system enabling easy access to archived content and making it simple to repurpose it across teams and organisations.

Coeus TMD TransMedia Dynamics

COEUS Intelligent Media Archiving

An intuitive cloud-based service for short and long-term storage, management and protection of media content, a managed digital content library that is device independent, future proof and fully secure.

Content supply chain software used by some of the world’s most visionary and innovative media & entertainment, government and archive organisations

TMD has over 20 years of experience delivering software solutions and services for MAM, DAM and Content Supply Chain Management solutions to a global blue-chip client base. TMD clients include organisations in the evolving new media sector, as well as those in the traditional media, broadcast and audiovisual archive sectors.

Mediaflex-UMS for Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Mediaflex-UMS for audiovisual archives

Audiovisual Archives

Mediaflex-UMS government legislative

Government and Legislative

“…the solution needed to be robust, scalable and flexible as we transition to digital delivery while continuing to control nearly a million individual audiovisual records.”

David Fricker

Director General, National Archives of Australia

TMD at the IASA-FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2020

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TMD Updates and Industry Trends

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TMD presents COEUS at ERA London Customer Event

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