Putting You in Control of Your Content Supply Chain

Acquire, Manage and Deliver physical and digital assets through the content supply chain with end-to-end media asset management.

Simplifying Acquisition of Content from Your Suppliers

Media Portal makes it easy for users of Mediaflex to receive content from third party collaborators into their content management system.

Providing You with the Tools to Manage Your Archive

A flexible, scalable archive solution making it simple to locate and access your archived content, for single users or small workgroups to large national archives.

Transforming Media Asset Management

Content Supply Chain Management solutions for global organisations in the new media sector as well as in traditional media, broadcast and audiovisual archive sectors.

Workflow Orchestration in the Content Supply Chain, transforming both Physical and Digital Media Asset Management with Mediaflex-UMS

Automated workflow solutions to transform how organisations manage their digital assets

Our media asset management (MAM) software is helping broadcasters, production houses, media organisations, galleries, museums, archives, and governments to streamline and transform their end-to-end media acquisition, management, and delivery workflows.

Digitisation and preservation of audiovisual archives

Time is running out for analogue sound and moving images to be digitised. Large-scale transcoding of media storage on magnetic tape and film is urgently needed for these valuable and precious memories to be preserved for future generations.

Magnetic tape has proven to be a robust storage medium, but its shelf-life is coming to an end. By 2025, thousands of hours of national history and memories stored on magnetic tape will be nearing obsoletion, lost forever if they are not digitised and protected.

Every Day Counts








Learn about Mediaflex Collections, the proven solution to manage archive collections, ensuring both digital and analogue content and artefacts are strictly tracked and maintained.

Leading the way with Hyperautomation

Through a combination of technologies, hyperautomation enables workflows and processes to be designed, simplified, automated, managed and measured. The idea of hyperautomation is not to decrease the importance of human decision making but to increase the business output by increasing the amount of decisions that can be undertaken from all forms of input, including AI derived metadata, ML and analytics.

Hyperautomation is a significant element of how Mediaflex-UMS was designed to be used.

We recorded how many tasks were automated from just three organisations using Mediaflex-UMS over a 6 month period:

New Client

Mid Client

Mature Client



A Media Asset Management (MAM) platform that delivers Unified Media Services  across your content supply chain, enabling teams to easily and effectively manage their media and digital assets.

Content supply chain software used by some of the world’s most visionary and innovative media & entertainment, government and archive organisations

TMD has over 20 years of experience delivering software solutions and services for MAM, DAM and Content Supply Chain Management solutions to a global blue-chip client base. TMD clients include organisations in the evolving new media sector, as well as those in the traditional media, broadcast and audiovisual archive sectors.

Mediaflex-UMS for Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Mediaflex-UMS for audiovisual archives

Audiovisual Archives

Mediaflex-UMS government legislative

Government and Legislative

Outernet London unveils multi-media showcase using Mediaflex-UMS Content Management from TMD

When Outernet (London) decided to launch an immersive media and entertainment environment situated in the heart of Central London, they knew that they would need a Media Management System that would enable their creative and operational teams to efficiently...

Metadata Management: The Metadata Goldmine

Metadata is a goldmine of vital and useful information that enables and improves discoverability and management of content. The ideal orchestration platform has to be significantly more sophisticated and intelligent than scripted predecessors if broadcasters...

A movie and a cup of tea… What’s the cost of streaming?

The days of heading to Blockbuster on a Friday night to choose your film for the weekend is now a thing of the past, almost a figment of the imagination. At its peak, Blockbuster had 65 million registered customers around the world but now no longer exists,...

Automation and Orchestration in the Content Supply Chain

Let's define Automation and Orchestration, as they relate to content management: Automation: completing a single task or function without human intervention. Traditionally time-intensive, manual processes are more reliable and efficient. Automation tools...

It’s time to digitise those old VHS tapes!

Remember the days of those precious family videos on VHS? Your 21st, your wedding, baby’s first steps, your child’s graduation? Life is so full of wonderful moments and milestones that we try to capture for longevity, to enjoy again in the future.  Have you...

State of Streaming – Bigger is Better!

The changes to user viewing habits during the Pandemic has led to a new norm in the way of consuming content. More viewers watch when it’s convenient for them, rather than by following regularly scheduled programming live. Changes have been seen in how...

“…the solution needed to be robust, scalable and flexible as we transition to digital delivery while continuing to control nearly a million individual audiovisual records.”

David Fricker

Director General, National Archives of Australia

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