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Our media asset management platform is used around the world.
It’s called Mediaflex.

Mediaflex. Flexible to the core.

Mediaflex is a modular suite of business software applications designed to go beyond traditional Digital & Media Asset Management systems and deliver an integrated solution incorporating comprehensive business and operational workflow management. It enables organisations to manage the lifecycle of media content, including creation, digitisation, repurposing, enrichment, delivery, publishing and archiving. It enables users to easily search for, retrieve, browse and catalogue media content in multiple formats.

The Mediaflex architecture provides a highly flexible, scalable and modular system, to meet the demands of the unique nature of your business. The system consists of a core applications platform with the ability to add additional modules that extends its functionality as required.  Mediaflex scales from small workgroup solutions to fully featured enterprise solutions, completely integrated into an organisation’s business systems environment.

12 modules. Delivering the right process.

Mediaflex is configured with additional modules that extends the functionality and workflows to suit your specific business requirements, across the entire media content life cycle. All modules fully integrate into the Mediaflex system, ensuring all metadata is available throughout the processes, and integrates with third party systems.  

  • Archive

    Archive provides a powerful and flexible solution for content management and the associated workflow tasks related to digital content archive repositories.

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  • Assessment

    Assessment provides the functionality for technical evaluation (both manual and assisted) and QC as well as for content compliance with standards and practices.

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  • Collections

    Collections provides a consistent, cohesive management of content and metadata with specific workflows uniquely required for audiovisual archives.

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  • Enrichment

    Enrichment provides workflow to manage audio track stacking, tagging, subtitling and closed captioning, for hard-of-hearing and multi-lingual environments.

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  • Ingest

    Ingest provides the functionality for digitisation and content capture required for broadcast playout, content preservation, proxy browse, web and mobile content creation and more.

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  • Library

    Library provides a comprehensive management system for any type of physical content, with specific features for media items. Workflows track content as it migrates through the system.

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  • Post Production

    Post Production enables creative departments to manage the content life-cycle flow, through orchestrated workflows, in a flexible yet structured way.

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  • Publish

    Publish provides workflows and integrated technologies to enable media operations to deliver content and metadata to multiple platforms in a timely, efficient manner.

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  • Reporting

    Reporting provides flexible tools for on-screen and printed reports, enabling understanding of the organisation’s dynamics and metrics, in order to deliver growth.

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  • Repurposing

    Repurposing provides comprehensive workflows to deliver content quickly. Processes to create and deliver content can be automated, ensuring consistent delivery to the relevant platforms.

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  • Storage

    Storage enables you to efficiently store, move and manage digital media content within Mediaflex. It integrates with the storage hardware and file systems specific to each storage location.

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  • i-mediaflex

    i-mediaflex provides a secure, web-enabled asset and business process management solution for today’s mobile workforce.

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Scalable digital asset management and workflow solutions for linear and non-linear content 
preparation and distribution


  • Government Organisations

    United States Senate

  • Broadcasters

    Discovery Europe, RTÉ, National Geographic

  • Archive and Libraries

    National Film and Sound Archive of Australia,
    National Archives of Australia

  • Media Organisations

    Deluxe Europe, Discovery Communications, DAMSmart 

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